EUPHORIC: sight and taste

A Pop-Up Exhibit
Art & Light Gallery in Greenville, SC
8.10.19 - 8.23.19

Food as art - works inspired by the culinary arts
feat. Glory Day Loflin and Rachael Nerney

Saturday’s With You, 16” x 20”gouache on panel, AVAILABLE.

Saturday’s With You, 16” x 20”gouache on panel, AVAILABLE.

I was approached by the owner of Art & Light Gallery this spring. Teresa asked if I would be interested in creating a body of work inspired by EUPHORIA, an annual food and wine festival in Greenville, SC. I was very excited for the opportunity to visually portray a few of my favorite Charleston restaurants that will participating in the festival! We have such an incredible food & bev community here in Charleston and any opportunity to highlight their hard work and talent I receive with open arms. Learn more about the restaurants that inspired my pieces: S.N.O.B, The Obstinate Daughter, Beard Cats Sweet Shop and Miller’s All Day.

“We are firm believers that creatives inspire other creatives and with Euphoria Greenville right around the corner, we wanted to be sure and celebrate the connection that can happen when creatives of a different sort inspire the ones the gallery works with regularly.” - Art & Light Gallery

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Installed exhibit at Art & Light Gallery, September 2019.

Installed exhibit at Art & Light Gallery, September 2019.

The Park Cafe Upgrade

The Park Cafe will expand its dining room and add kitchen space with big summer renovation

Mary Scott Hardaway | Charleston City Paper

The Park Cafe, May 2019.

The Park Cafe, May 2019.

“You may have noticed the whimsically painted food truck outside The Park Cafe. The truck (which used to live at Pour House) will serve as a prep space for Park's kitchen staff over the summer during a much needed restaurant glow-up… McLaughlin says he got in touch with his friends at Artist & Craftsman to see if they could find someone to doll up the truck and they connected him with local artist Rachael Nerney

’She agreed to do it and I didn't see any of her work before then,’ says McLaughlin. Turns out, Nerney was already creating works that emulate the essence of the cafe — quirky still lifes of avocados, eggs, fresh fruit. ‘It was 100 percent perfect, serendipitous.’”

Watch the evolution of my hand painted food truck for The Park Cafe!


RECIPE @ The Vendue Hotel

So excited to be part of this!

My paintings in RECIPE are showing through October 2018 at the Vendue Hotel.   Eternally grateful to Sarah Miller, Emily Rigsby, Robert Lange Studios and The Vendue Hotel for this opportunity! 

Small Works Show

Get Well Soon @ The Southern


I am so excited to start off this holiday season by participating in a small works show. "Get Well Soon" has over 100 participating artists and 460 pieces displayed. Each piece is 5" x 7" on paper, ranging from $50 - $200. Charleston City Paper called the show "a cure for seasonal affective disorder." The show opened on Black Friday, allowing a shift of focus onto supporting local businesses and artists. (We) are the people that make this city a unique place. My personal highlight from the show was seeing Hollie Chastain's work also on display. I have followed Hollie for years, initially discovering her collage work on Pinterest. Her work always makes me SO happy.  I purchased her piece "Someone to Cheer You Up" as a reminder that anything is possible if you put in the work and put yourself out there! 

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Hollie Chastain, Someone To Cheer You Up, 5" x 7" collage on paper, 2017.&nbsp;

Hollie Chastain, Someone To Cheer You Up, 5" x 7" collage on paper, 2017.